Brand Spotlight: Manipine

As furniture obsessives, we’re always on the lookout for new innovative brands, and skillful manufacturers with new ideas.

When bespoke furniture was required for a large ambitious workspace project in London with Lom Architecture, we teamed up with Danish brand, Manipine.

Specialising in custom made wooden and metal furniture, Manipine designs and develops furniture inspired by nature with a raw rustic feel. Their beautiful custom made furniture was the perfect fit for this stunning space.

We wanted to find out more about this exciting brand. Here’s what founders, Nicolai and Jonas, had to say.

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Where do you find your design inspiration?

We find our inspiration in nature, in the industrial environment and in the workshop where we develop and test everything which comes to mind. When we have an idea, we make it! So that means that the workshop is filled with prototypes and ongoing ideas — but not all the ideas come into being, quite the opposite. But those that become something, usually become a great success.

Wood, metal and concrete are all natural elements, which are very popular at this time. In addition, each element has a unique look — no table made of wood looks like another table made of wood.

On a recent project with Bureau you designed and tailor made an eleven metre table. What challenges did you face with this piece?

The custom-made eleven meter long table was a big challenge for us. The hardest part was finding the right planks for this project, then it was about making all connections correct and thereby avoiding unevenness and instability. It took a lot of manpower and many hours in the workshop. We worked a very long time on this product and it ended up being exactly as we and the the client wanted. We actually learned a lot by doing this project.

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What are the key considerations for businesses/​designers when they are commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture from Manipine?

When we work on bespoke furniture, we usually use a lot of time talking with the client about, design, look, material, purpose and measurements. When these details are agreed, we usually have a few ideas on how it could be done. So in cooperation with the client we design and produce the product so it fits perfectly to the clients wishes.

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture or a furniture designer that you admire?

We have always admired Paul McCobb the American designer, and have many times found inspiration in his designs. And of course we have our great known Danish designers Hans J Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Børge Mogensen.

Who is the ideal Manipine customer?

The ideal customer is a person or company that prioritises quality, unique designs and natural elements. So people who want to personalize their home or business.

Are you working on any projects at the moment that you are really excited about?

Right now we are working on a very special project with a Danish company. The job is to create an industrial and raw environment in a big office space. We are using patinated metal (rust surface) as wall décor and applying the rust surface on different interior products. This is a very cool project and we are looking forward to see the end result.

Could you describe Manipine in 3 words?

Mani Pine can’t be described by 3 words — but if we have to choose it will be: Bespoke, Personalized and Unique.

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