Brand Spotlight: Momocca

How did Momocca come about?

Momocca was born by the hand of Lourdes and Pablo, its founders, 6 years ago (like Bureau!). Lourdes is an architect and knows well the challenges of interior design. When she imagined Momocca she did so from the point of view of creating a brand that could offer under the same style, a wide range of solutions, and highly configurable design furniture. Pablo is an engineer and he provided all the know-how needed in the production and logistics area, so they make a good tandem.

Throughout these years Momocca has been growing and has had the great luck to form a team that vibrates with design. They are excited with work on a daily basis — it’s admirable.

Hand finish at Momocca

How important is it to Momocca that your products are manufactured locally and that those skills are preserved?

For Momocca this is key. We believe in close, controlled production and the benefit of selecting local raw materials to enrich our products. We are motivated to boost the local economy, we believe in the importance of supporting the growth of wealth in the area to which we belong. Of course, we also want to reduce the environmental impact of offshore production as much as possible.

What do you do as a manufacturer to reduce the impact of your furniture on the environment?

We are committed to a production process of local origin, from the selection of materials to the production of furniture. This reduces waste and manufacturing resources. In addition, each part is produced on request, so the impact of our environmental footprint is minimal. We select our suppliers very well because we pay special attention to the environmental impact they generate or the current commitment they have. On a material level, we can tell you the following about the ones we currently use:

Stone — the sustainable material par excellence; non-toxic, flame retardant and long life. During manufacture, the stone is cut and polished to adapt to the design, during the process no chemicals are added.

Wood — timeless, durable and without obsolescence, such as stone. It is easily repairable and does not generate waste when applied to product made on demand. It also comes from sustainably managed forests.

Metal — 93% of the steel is recyclable so it has a sustainable life cycle that also, never gets to be consumed, but can be reused indefinitely, without losing its properties.

Upholstery — We select suppliers who recycle, sort and treat excess weaving and scraps to give them a second life.

Dekton — Cosentino invests every year in its ecological assets, boosting waste circulation. By which, the losses generated during the process are recovered while investing in technology to decrease its generation.

And finally, at the design level we also defend the timeless style, we do not believe in the trends of continuous renewal. The good thing about our furniture is that being highly configurable can even be updated” over time, if you get tired of a certain finish we can replace it. The good design endures.

Dania Collection Restaurant

Can you tell us about the new Dania collection?

Sure, Dania is the fifth collection of Momocca, a set of chairs and tables of organic design fully configurable. Momocca is inspired by the waves, the sea and its tides to give life and soul to her latest collection.

The tables of this collection are composed of natural wood, oak or walnut, and stand out in their composition the 2 perpendicular legs (one transversely oriented and the other longitudinal) that do not touch.

On the table prevails the curved edge, whose surface can be made of wood or porcelain Dekton by Cosentino.

As for the chairs, the seat and backrest show us a design that emanates comfort. Both sides are united by a wave that reminds us of the immense sea.

This collection is perfect for home and contract. We listen to the demand of our customers and that’s why we launched Dania office. It incorporates electrification on the tables and the pyramid leg on the chairs and armchairs. We are delighted on how the market has welcomed Dania.

Momocca Dining Room Table

Why do your products work so well in a variety of settings — workspace, hospitality, residential?

All Momocca products respond to the concept of Triple Modularity. They are adaptable in terms of dimensions, configurations for any environment. The aim is creating welcoming spaces, which is very important at home, but we also seek to give that warm aspect to contract spaces.

Momocca design shows a lifestyle” that responds to any configuration option, without neglecting the high quality of their finishes, so they become fully adaptable to both home and contract environments.

We identify with a very versatile and timeless line, which adapts to any space and is sustained over time. If we had to choose a current trend it would be bold”. The curved lines, the closeness, the spaces that make you feel good, fits completely with the style of Momocca.

Who is Momocca’s ideal customer?

The ideal customer of Momocca is the one who values the design, the quality and the freedom to configure the furniture that will be placed in their project/​space. They are mainly interior design or architecture professionals, who seek to differentiate themselves with a unique piece of furniture and who want excellence.

They are active people, who follow the trends but who value everything that has the power to remain in time. They like to travel, are sensitive to art and design and have an active participation in sustainability.

Can you describe the brand in 3 words?

Just our claim represents very well what we are: Stylish furniture solutions. To recap, Momocca creates high design furniture that due to its freedom of configuration is able to respond to any challenge that the current interior design has.

Momocca Factory