Brand Spotlight: Spacestor

A workspace innovator, Spacestor’s inspiration came from the changing workplace culture happening in California. Recognising that the working environment is key to staff retention and recruitment, their design reflects the current generation’s need for an environment that is more than just a workspace.


Flexible, less structured, collaborative meeting areas, and places to just hang out and relax. But not forgetting private, quiet space when needed. Recognising the overlap between work and home, sofas and chairs were developed which would sit comfortably in a domestic setting. Allowance is also made for customisation to keep up with current colour trends.

Over the next two months we will be hosting Spacestor at the Bureau Hub gallery. Our team have been making themselves at home with the furniture already so we asked them for their thoughts on what they have enjoyed about it.

The Residence Phone Booth

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I love the finishes and detail, every aspect of the upholstery and woodwork is executed to perfection. The motion sensitive lighting and ventilation is really appealing too, efficient and practical. We’ve really enjoyed testing out the sound proofing abilities of our fondly nicknamed swear box’. Fun and games aside, I spend a lot of time on the phone. It’s great to have somewhere to go not only for privacy, but also for the consideration of colleagues. I hope we can keep it!
Alex MacRae Showroom and Events Manager

The Meeting Booth

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It’s a great place for us to escape the hustle and bustle of the wider office, giving us some time to focus. There are some really great touches like charging for all sorts of devices and the automatic lights add to a really cool experience. The Booth is very comfortable and a great break out workspace.
Iain Matchett Senior Front-End Developer

The Sofas

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We’d been seeing a lot of seventies retro furniture at exhibitions early this year and emerald green was a standout colour. I love that they chose this for the sofa and chair in the bureau hub. It brings a living room feel as well as adding an uplifting burst of spring-like colour. It’s nice to sit and chat with a colleague in a more relaxed setting. Not every meeting has to be conducted in a formal setting. Sometimes I just want to have a quick catch up and often people are more forthcoming when you are just having an unscheduled chat.
Kay Quillan Marketing Manager

The Palisades Grid

I love how it separates the space into different zones where everyone can do their own thing. I’m a huge fan of modular furniture that offer high degree of customisation since it makes the space looks so much more unique!
Mica Taggino Sales Executive

The Lockers

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I think the lockers are a really great system especially for today’s agile workspace where everyone is hot desking. What I find really nice is the ability to assign yourself a locker for the day by using your phone instead of having to worry about locker keys.
Ellie Kostova Marketing Assistant