Sustainable Furniture Procurement Whitepaper

Prepare for a change that will impact your business

Providing an understanding of the drivers of change, the sustainable office furniture available, sustainable accreditations and the future for the furniture industry.

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Preview of the Sustainable Furniture Procurement Whitepaper


Every year 10 million tons of furniture is discarded in the EU – the majority of which is incinerated or destined for landfill.

Across the world, the service industry is growing with a corresponding number of desk-based white collar’ jobs. An increasingly educated, middle-class workforce demands an increasing amount of office space and office furniture. An estimated 11% of UK construction spending is on fit-outs, and commercial buildings have 30 – 40 fit-outs in their lifetime (RICS).

It’s no longer possible for the furniture industry to ignore the damaging impact of continuing with a linear manufacturing model.

Procurement presents a huge opportunity for businesses to make an impact on the environment and protect finite resources. With 40 — 80% of an organisation’s revenue spent in the supply chain (FIRA), businesses are in a unique position to directly influence the practices of their suppliers.

Some manufacturers have always had sustainability at the heart of their businesses, and others are quickly moving to implement change. This includes the energy required to grow, make, process and transport goods both within the UK and from overseas.

But is this activity preventing furniture from eventually ending up in landfill?

Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a circular economy, following the cycle of the natural world’s self-sustaining eco-systems, where waste does not exist.

In this Whitepaper we discuss the drivers for change in our attitude to furniture procurement. We examine the sustainable office furniture solutions that are currently available and the future of the commercial furniture industry.