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Simah Aslam
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Accommodating their growing business, global investment and asset management company, abrdn, relocated their London team to Bishopsgate, a prestigious address in the city of London.

Responding to evolving work patterns, the office has been designed for flexibility and hybrid-working. Moving away from the traditional deskwork patterns of the finance industry, the workspace encourages socialising and collaboration.

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Our London office had a complex brief of re-using existing furniture , choosing new pieces that had to complement existing furniture and procuring some high-end statement pieces. As Bureau had worked with us before in London, it was a seamless process. Colleague and client spaces work perfectly and our new reception area certainly has the wow factor that we wanted. A huge thanks to Alex, Ewen and Fatima.
Simah Aslam Workplace Designer, abrdn

Effective Furniture Re-Use

The challenge for Bureau was facilitating re-use of existing furniture from the vacated office. Where assets were being re-used, some were modified and adjusted to fit the new layout. Re-used furniture was skilfully blended with new solutions to create a seamless and coherent aesthetic. Where solutions were upgraded e.g., height adjustable desks to replace static ones, unwanted items were sustainably cleared.

Brunner Artemo Lounge Chairs Green

Phased Installation

A phased move between the previously occupied space and the new office, covering three floors, allowed for a smoother transition. With phase one completed the abrdn team were able to move into the new location before Christmas. The popular location of the new office space meant working around four other installations occurring in the building at the same time.

White Marble Reception Desk

A Welcome Reception

Making a great first impression, the reception area is a stunning space. A bespoke marble reception desk, contrasts with the warmth of wood panelling and inviting sofas. The striking staircase leads up to a further open plan space with informal soft seating areas.

Cafe table and chairs white

Encouraging Interaction

Centralised zones create a beating heart in the large office space, bringing employees together for spontaneous interaction. Large café areas provide a variety of breakout spaces from high stools around a central bar to semi-private tables and chairs.

Spacestor Railway Carriage

Space to Focus

To create space for focus work, phone calls or one-to-one meetings, multiple office call pods and booths were added. Private meeting rooms with acoustic solutions were included for confidential meetings.

Granite Meeting Table

Blended Meeting Space

With an increase in blended meetings, it was important to facilitate participation for anyone joining remotely. For AV in meeting rooms, wiring systems were accommodated, and furniture cut-outs added during the installations process.

Bespoke custom-made plectrum shaped tables, designed specifically for video conferencing, provide the best view of the office-based team for those joining online. Further bespoke meeting tables were sourced for executive offices and meeting spaces to ensure the best fit for the available space.

Frovi Flord seating Blue

Working closely with Simah Aslam and the abrdn project team has once again been an absolute pleasure. From the outset it was clear that abrdn wanted to create a real destination for their staff and clients alike. From the design concept stage right through to completion no stone was left unturned when searching for the right products for each space.”

Alexander Cox, Sales Director Bureau North

Minotti Torri Sofa and Chair

Photography James Balston

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