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Across their European estate, Bureau has supported abrdn in re-designing their offices to fit the needs of an evolving workforce. Putting people at the heart of the process, their newly completed George Street, Edinburgh office is a workspace that works for everyone.

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It was a great experience working with Alex and the team from Bureau again. This project was quite complex with many different spaces all needing different furniture solutions. Bureau understood the brief and delivered. We are delighted with the spaces that they have helped create.
Simah Aslam Workplace Designer abrdn
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Collaboration at Work

Embracing new ways of working, the business is moving away from traditional working environments to achieve greater flexibility. Providing greater choice for the individual, this represents a significant shift from long established working patterns. Designed around social interaction and collaboration, it encourages employees away from deskwork.

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Future Ready Workspace

Banks of desks have been displaced to allow for bench seating, high tables, and modular sofas. Acoustic curtains, adaptable shelving and a variety of booths and pods, create zones and private meeting space.

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Sensory Zones

Space to de-compress has been prioritised in the human-centric’ design. A Zen’ garden was created as a tranquil retreat for reflection and contemplation. A sensory well-being zone, it’s an enclosed, restorative, refuge from a busy working environment.

A focus on biophilia brings life to darker spaces and enhances the feeling of well-being. Acoustic solutions support individual sensory thresholds. Low stimulation zones provide areas for focused work or tech-free relaxation time.

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Climate Positive Workplace

Whilst creating their beautiful new space, abrdn, were conscious of their impact on the environment. They required a sustainable and ethical solution for the furniture and IT that were no longer required. Bureaumove proposed a circular economy solution. The furniture, which was in exceptionally good condition, was donated to various charities including the Youth Space charity in London and SFT in Edinburgh. Six thousand units of IT and 10 tonnes of cable were either donated or recycled. Overall, A carbon saving in excess of 600 tonnes was achieved!

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