The biggest challenge for the commercial furniture manufacturing industry is tackling waste.

The linear model of manufacture, consume, dispose, and buy new is not sustainable. Even when products are made from renewable materials there is often no plan for them at end of life.

1.2 million office desks and 1.8 million office chairs end up in UK landfill each year (Wrap)

That’s why we provide a comprehensive take back’ scheme with a circular solution for every product.

Refurbished Second Hand Office Furniture Solutions

With an in-house facility, Bureau support clients with refurbishment services and refurbished, used office and commercial furniture solutions.

Products are in stock at our warehouse, providing quick access to high quality, commercial furniture at a substantial reduction to the cost of new. Refurbished contract furniture is supplied with a year’s warranty.

With skilled craftsmen, furniture is given a new lease of life in as new’ condition. It can be customised from a wide range of materials in stock or COM. With the high quality fabrics and finishes available, second hand solutions can be blended with existing or new furniture or used to fit out an entire space.

And with remanufacturing capabilities on site, we provide a re-use and refurbishment service for clients and manufacturers.

Benefits of refurbished and used furniture: -

  • A cost-effective alternative to new
  • Extends the lifespan of a business’s current assets
  • Lead time for furniture is significantly reduced as stock is already available
  • Sought after design classics’ and aspirational, vintage pieces enhance interior spaces
  • Reduction of carbon emissions are measurable and visible with our carbon report tool
We aim to use vintage, recycled, refurbished furniture throughout our spaces, partly because it means less waste, less of an environmental impact and it also adds bucket loads of character to our buildings. We were delighted with the design-led, refurbished furniture supplied by Bureau. Not only did it speed up the delivery time considerably but kept within a tight budget without sacrificing on quality.
Jake Cooper Head of Operations, Sandbox Workspace

Sustainable Asset Management

The Bureau team are experienced in working with clients who have ambitious carbon reduction targets.

Here are some of the additional services we can provide: — 

  • Offset carbon in your new office fit outs by managing IT and furniture no longer required through donation, refurbishment, recycling. Our Bureaumove division provides a sustainable, ethical clearance to help you achieve a climate positive outcome for your project.
  • Verifiable data is essential so that you can measure performance and report on it. The carbon impact of your project is recorded and visible with our proprietary Carbon Report tool, based on DEFRA’s GHGR and GHGP. Providing data for Scope 3 emissions, we can show the exact carbon saving from using our service.
  • Our experienced furniture consultants can advise on better quality and heirloom’ furniture which can be refurbished, re-sold (via our second-hand marketplace), or more easily disassembled and recycled.
  • We provide information on cost-effective sustainable office solutions – recycled, recyclable or renewable materials, ease of repair, local sourcing.
  • Your assets and their embodied carbon can be managed throughout their lifecycle with our customisable, cloud-based asset management platform.
  • Providing a positive circular exit route for every product with our take back’ scheme, ensures that nothing goes to landfill.

The Latest Sustainable Office Furniture Solutions

Click here to download our Green Report 2023’ with the latest sustainable furniture solutions and circular economy practices to achieve a climate positive outcome for your project.

Green Report Mock up