Flexible Workspace Solutions Volume Two

There has never been a better time to re-examine what you want to achieve from your workspace. With wide-scale adoption of hybrid-working, workplaces become culture spaces’, bringing people together for social interaction, and collaboration.

In our Flexible workspace follow-up catalogue, you can find even more fantastic office furniture solutions to create your future ready workspace.

Increasingly, what companies need from people is their creativity — and as we’ve seen, people are more creative when they’re together and can share human moments.”
Harvard Business Review
  • Brand Identity
  • Creating a coffee shop buzz’
  • Workpoint
  • Focus and meeting pods
  • Storage units
  • Smart Office
  • Office Accessories
  • Outdoor workspace furniture

Including outdoor furniture, for 2021 from Momocca, Andreu World, Four Design, Garsnas, Swedese, Teknion, Manipine, Atelier, DeVorm, Zilenzio, Konk Furniture, Your Workspace, Softline, Brunner, Prostoria, Baixa, OK Design, Humanscale, HAG Sofi, Buzzispace, Duffy, OB&B, BSweden, Workstories, Hayche, Frovi, Dare Studio, Wendelbo, Johanson, Flokk, Viasit, Casala, Punt, Artemide, Casala, Menu, Weisner Hager, FBD Mobler, Pedrali, New Design Group, Noti, Mizetto and more

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