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With employee well-being in the workplace a top priority for Skyscanner, the company conducts an annual global employment survey that puts employees at the heart of the company strategy. Some of the most recent surveys have identified that Skyscanner’s employees consider the social and health aspects of their working environment a key factor in job satisfaction. Therefore creating a high-quality workplace is seen as essential to attract the best talent.

I’ve been working with the Bureau team for years and I am very satisfied with our professional relationship. The team is not only attentive to our requests but also flexible and goes beyond expectation every single time. I know we are not the easiest crowd to please and I can’t thank them enough, especially Alex and Ewen for the support with my mostly last minute projects. What makes the team different, and I always say this, is their true passion for furniture and workspace, dedication and knowledge and willingness to work with a client/​company.
Ewa Mleczko Senior Office Manager, Skyscanner

Height adjustable desks

One of the key learnings from the survey was that there was a requirement for desks at different heights. Following an unsuccessful trial with desk risers and stands, Skyscanner decided to move to height adjustable desks, replacing the previous modular desk system. In addition to the move to height adjustable desks, the growing workforce necessitated an increase in desks within the existing workspace and without impacting the number of collaborative meeting spaces.

Sourcing office furniture

Having conducted research into the many options available, Bureau worked with the project team to source the most effective solution. Changing to a marginally narrower desk and a more flexible back to back system, allowed for an additional 40 desks and 5 collaborative areas to be added. In feedback from the team following the installation, a reduction in the feeling of density was reported.

Office furniture Edinburgh HQ

Over 500 Workstories height adjustable desks were installed in Skyscanner’s Edinburgh HQ, the busiest of their 10 offices, with minimal disruption. Following the completion of the project, feedback from the Edinburgh team revealed an overall increase in workplace satisfaction . With the changes made in response to the survey findings, employees felt heard and valued.

IWFM Award Nominees

By reconsidering desk size and with effective space planning, the Edinburgh office has been able to maximise their existing space as their team grows, whilst also providing an increased level of comfort. Consequently Skyscanner have been recognised in the IWFM awards for 2019, short-listed for their organisational impact on performance.

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