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Already one of the biggest independent onshore wind power generators in the UK, Ventient Energy’s office move reflects their ambition for continued growth. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Ventient Energy was formed in 2017 from two leading, independent wind energy power producers.

N8 Design and Bureau have exceeded our expectations in creating a flexible, practical and sustainable workplace. The team were delighted to move in to the new space and made themselves at home almost immediately.
Ian Urquart Technical Director at Ventient Energy

Award winning Greenside Building

BR & Co property managers appointed the project team for Ventient Energy’s new office space and the Bureau team were delighted to support interior designer, N8 Design and M&E designer, David Low Consulting. Situated in the BCO award winning, Greenside building, the new office is a contemporary, industrial space with a defurbished’ specification.

Flexible Working Environment

Maximising the large open plan area, creating a flexible working environment and using sustainable materials were crucial to the success of this project. N8 Design created a unique and contemporary feel which maximises the natural light from floor to ceiling windows and provides the business space to expand.

Bright view kitchen space

Consultative approach

A consultative approach was taken by Bureau to identify functional furniture, sympathetic to N8 Design’s vision. The Orangebox Fielding table provides a focal point in the entrance, sitting in front of an oversized, backlit, landscape background. New to the market, this is one of the first times the table has been used in an office environment in Scotland. Made up of 3 customisable components: two split-level surfaces and a fabric covered support box underneath for concealed cables, it is adapted to suit the surroundings and requirements of the workforce.

Orangebox Fielding table meeting area

Sound absorption

In the main office, Abstracta Aircone hanging acoustic screens were used for sound absorption, and to create subtle divisions in the open plan scheme. To overcome the challenge of suspending these from the exposed concrete waffle ceiling, brackets were skilfully installed.

Discreet Partition

Further discreet partitions were added with the clever use of Verco’s turbine standing acoustic blinds, which can be rotated to allow for varying degrees of privacy and interaction. The colourful, fabric-covered blinds complement the surroundings whilst softening the harder metallic and glass elements.

Orangebox Reef Hi-bar Media Table

Flexible Meeting Space

Providing a convenient and informal meeting space, the Orangebox Reef hi-bar is a media table with a built in tv to provide an additional project meeting area without the use of a meeting room. Additional flexibility is achieved with a Lintex mobile whiteboard, which wheels around the office on castors, allowing meetings to be convened anywhere.

Bureau successfully provided a honed, eclectic selection of products which complemented the design and supported the requirement for flexibility and sustainability. It’s always a pleasure to work with Alex and the team.
Billy Shek Design Director, N8 Designs

Ergonomic Working Environment

Textured Oak desk tops were chosen for the Mobili Soho 2 desks to add warmth, and multi-coloured partition screens were introduced to add a pop of colour. The vibrant, blue and green screens subtly separate individual work spaces whilst still allowing for easy communication between colleagues. The ergonomic working environment also includes lumbar-supporting, Viasit Impulse Too Swivel chairs. The underdesk slimline Cube storage pedestal was supplied by Metalicon allowing staff to store personal items in a lockable unit.

Flexible Boardroom

To bring flexibility to the more formal boardroom, Bureau sourced a large meeting table composed of six interlinking Alto Connect folding tables from Cambridge Park. The individual tables are on castors and can be easily removed to create space for a seminar.

Open shelving units from Frovi Foundry were added for practical purposes but also to echo the digital graphics, inspired by wind rose charts, N8 Design applied to the glass meeting room walls.

Environmentally Sustainable Office Furniture

As an industry leader in renewable energy, Ventient Energy strives to minimise its impact on the environment and Bureau selected all the furniture for its high quality design, but most importantly it’s environmental sustainability. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) documentation was required for all products on this project.

meeting room furniture

Photography Renzo Mazzolini

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