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Transforming a heritage building in Whitechapel, X + Whys goal was to build a co-working space for responsible, purposeful start-ups who know that their why’ builds better relationships and a more successful business. With a focus on design, technology, well being and community, an inviting and stimulating space was created by Squire and Partners to elicit a response of why not’?

The project received a Mixology Award for Workplace Interiors in 2020.

X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel X+Why Whitechapel
Bureau translated our brief brilliantly, and worked well in partnership with our architect. They also worked to an incredibly tight program, and were a delight to deal with
Phil Nevin Co-founder and CEO, X and Why

Unique Design

Inspired by the history of this multi-cultural area of London, Squires and Partners’ design merged the philanthropic and market trading past with its recent incarnation as a popular area for the arts. Vintage finds, local art and generous planting added to a unique space with an original design aesthetic.

Contemporary Workspace

The result, a fusion of raw, industrial materials and complementary furniture and decorative elements, creates a contemporary workspace with a social, residential feel. Core values of learning and sharing are supported by an effective combination of well-designed offices, meeting and communal spaces, including outdoor and exercise areas.

Yoga studio for London office


Having impressed the client with their ability to source well-priced, on trend solutions, from a broad range of suppliers and lesser known brands, Bureau assisted in bringing the vision to life. Relaxed, comfortable sofas and a wide range of rugs were introduced. Armchairs, high stools, side tables and lighting were among the furniture sourced from a diverse range of Scandinavian brands for the pared back, informal look required.

Comfortable sofa office London
Jamie and the team at Bureau were great and easy to work with on this project. They were helpful in providing different furniture options, they understood the aesthetic we were creating and always responded quickly to our queries. They delivered the project on time and have been helpful post installation to iron out any issues
Maria Cheung Head of Interior Design, Squire and Partners

Providing convenient wireless charging for users, state of the art technology was added with Sourcetec Ion. Ensuring optimal use, furniture, materials and even seating position are given careful consideration before installation.

London office tables and chairs

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