Finding the right office call pod

Collaborative and social space that provides opportunities for creative thinking is crucial for a future ready workspace. But there is widespread agreement that a variety of working environments is best for increased productivity and well-being. For privacy and confidentiality, office call pods are one of the most flexible, cost-effective ways to create separate spaces. They’re ideal for focused work, video conferencing or to take a confidential call.

Why does your office need a meeting pod?

Meeting room and call pods create a micro-environment within a busy workspace. Providing a soundproof area, they aid concentration and reduce distraction. They may suit some team members for occasional use e.g., joining a Zoom call or be used regularly by employees who find a busy office stressful. The option of choosing a private space away from noise and stimulation enhances well-being in the workplace.

Not all focused work is best done at home. Home environments do not always provide the peace and quiet needed. For example, Generation Z employees are less likely to be homeowners and may not have a suitable working area at home.

Cost-saving and flexible, private meeting pods are an ideal alternative to constructing internal walls in an open plan office. They’re often mobile and can be moved to re-configure the office layout. They can be removed and reinstalled if the office relocates. For office fit outs such as CAT A+ they’re a practical and flexible, fully enclosed room within a room’ for private meeting space.

Increasingly popular, there’s now a wide range of options available, catering to every need.

Vank wall ellipse acoustics 4 people acoustic pod 2

Ellipse Acoustic Pod

A new and sustainable option, the walls of the Ellipse can be specified with the award-winning, bio panels. Carbon neutral, Flax or Hemp panels are available or there is the option of using recycled PET material and rPET upholstery. The pod comes in four different size options and two height options. All pods are available with ventilation, power and lighting as standard.

Zen Pod

Zen Pod

Zen Pod is an acoustic oasis. The minimalist Japanese inspired design elevates the space. Designed with wood, glass, aluminium, and steel, it has a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Excellent sound attenuation, means the occupant feels part of the surroundings without being disturbed by them.

Framery one pod

Framery One

Smart settings, leading sound insulation and high air quality make Framery One an excellent choice. Perfect for focused work or private calls it includes an integrated meeting booking software. The addition of a height adjustable desk means that users can personalise the space and use with or without a chair. The meeting pod is also available on casters for extra flexibility and 95% of the materials used can be recycled.

Nook Sensory Pod

Nook Sensory Pod

Reducing sensory overload, the pod helps in the creation of a more inclusive working environment. Highly adaptable to individual needs it provides a haven in a busy office space. Champions of a circular environment Nook’s office pods are designed to be refurbish-able. Either the expected lifetime can be extended, or they can be easily disassembled for recyclable components.

Microoffice prime pod

Micro-office Prime

Winner of the German Design Award 2021 and Good Design Award 2020 this office call pod ensures absolute silence for confidentiality. Customisable features include Clarity System’s clean air ventilation which neutralises microorganisms and removes allergens and odours. Furniture, AV, and curtains can all be added to suit individual preference.

Koenig Quiet Box pod

Quiet Box

With a footprint of only 1 metre x 1 metre, this is a great solution when space is limited. Supplied with a perch-style seat, ventilation, lighting, and power connection, it’s an ideal quiet space for a private call. Wall panelling and textile covered interior are configurable so it can be customised to blend in with the office environment.

Boss Desgin TP1 Telephone Pod

TP1 Telephone Pod

A single person office pod with acoustic properties for private phone calls or to find some headspace. The Telephone Pod has two acoustic panelled walls a glass back panel and glass door. A bar stool can be added for comfort and fabric choice altered with an upgrade.

Frem Group Oasis Garage pods

Garage Pod

Transforming unused garage space into a practical and attractive working from home office. Garage pod is a self-contained room, occupying minimal space but providing light, air circulation, peace and quiet. With an integral desk, chair, and storage, it is a ready to go workspace.

Acoustic furniture Silent Room

Silent Rooms

A room within a room for confidential meetings, private calls, or focused work. Smart features include warm LED lighting and high-capacity airflow, which switch off when not occupied. Fully customisable to complement interiors, these acoustic pods can be placed against a wall or in the middle of the room.

My office pod Penelope workbooth

Penelope Telephone Pod

A simple, customisable solution for employees on private telephone or video conferencing calls. Hand-crafted in the UK, optional extras include a shelf unit, power socket, seating, or a perch.

Orangebox On the QT office pods

On the QT

Designed for the comfort of the occupant there is a stand version of the pod for quick calls or a sit version for longer periods. Unique, sound-blocking cassette walls provide a high level of acoustic insulation. With its contemporary sloping design, it’s an attractive addition to a stylish office space.

The Meeting Box office pod

The Meeting Box

A clean, linear design that makes the most of the limited space whilst occupying only a small amount of the office floorplate. Fully customisable meeting pods are constructed with high quality upholstered fabric. They can also be fitted out with tables, power, lighting, AV, back panel, and full glass enclosure.

Bisley Vetrospace pod


With a focus on clean air and health, this pod includes anti-microbial lighting, anti-viral nano-coating and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) clean-air ventilation. The result is a reassuringly hygienic, private office meeting pod that prioritises the user’s well-being.

Hushoffice Hybird pod


For longer video conferencing, online training and webinars, this pod provides additional soft seating comfort. A depth adjustable desktop accommodates different sized users and brackets are provided to hang monitors. As the pod is on casters it is mobile and can be easily relocated.

Workstories P.S. Phonebooth

P.S. Phone Booth

The Personal Space phone booth pod provides privacy for a single occupant. It comes equipped with a standing height table and power connection with a phone charger and plug socket, adjustable lighting, and a ventilating system. It’s manufactured in the UK using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Timber.

Our workspace furniture consultants can help you find the right meeting pod or booth to suit your office requirements. Email us for help and advice.