Seven reasons why you should use a furniture consultant

Working practices have changed and many businesses are reassessing the role of the workplace. For a hub’ that encourages collaboration and creativity, many businesses are prioritising agile working over the more traditional workstations.

But getting the right mix of furniture within the limitations of the space is no easy feat. When it comes to furniture procurement it pays to speak to an expert.

Because they are specialist in their field, furniture sourcing companies — sometimes known as furniture dealers — can save your business time and money.

Here are the seven reasons why you should use a furniture consultant: — 

1. Product Knowledge

There is so much choice that it can be overwhelming. Their expert product knowledge means your consultant can narrow the search very quickly. With awareness of the latest trends, sustainable accreditations, environmentally-friendly furniture and new product launches, they’ll ensure you don’t overlook the best options available on the market.

2. Saving Time

Researching the right solutions for your project is extremely time consuming. Add to that the order process, logistics, install and ethical removal of unwanted IT and furniture. A good furniture consultant will do all this for you, ensuring that your products are ordered correctly and delivered on time. With a dedicated team liaising with all suppliers, you won’t have to spend time chasing orders and dealing with multiple points of contact.

3. Access

Some brands don’t offer a retail service and will only sell via a furniture dealer. For others, the price for a one-off purchase is higher and your dealer is likely to be able to offer a better rate. As they have established relationships with suppliers, they can arrange furniture trials, showroom visits, and access to little known suppliers for bespoke solutions.

4. Specialised Solutions

With expertise on well-being in the workplace, consultants can help you meet every team member’s needs with specialised ergonomic solutions. Taking account of health challenges and individual requirements, they will help you achieve an agile, flexible space that works for all the team.

5. Budget Friendly

Realising your design vision can sometimes be limited by the budget for furniture. Consultants will show you budget-friendly alternatives that fit your spec and achieve your desired look and feel. A good furniture consultant can also provide expert advice on cost-effective, sustainable furniture solutions to align with your business goals.

6. Network

Experienced in working on many projects, your consultant can introduce you to a network of other tried and tested professionals, including design and installation.

7. Brand Identity

Your workplace reflects your business culture and identity and is an opportunity to reinforce your brand for visitors, clients and employees. An informed furniture consultancy will ensure the recommended products complement your existing space and enhance your brand. Whether aligning with your sustainable corporate goals, sourcing custom colour fabrics or recommending cutting-edge design, they will focus on strengthening your brand identity.

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