Brand Spotlight: Mizetto
The coolest recycling bins for your office

Founded in 2004, Swedish manufacturer Mizetto brings us playful, flexible storage and recycling solutions for an eco-conscious workplace. Notable for their craftsmanship, unique design and sustainable materials, their products are practical and stylish.

We talked to CEO and business owner Malin Muskala to find out more about Mizetto.


How did Mizetto come about?

There is a long tradition within the founder’s family of furniture production and the craftsmanship behind it and it became very natural to take advantage of the know-how and experience but just as well to develop something new and more design-oriented.

How do you minimise your impact on the environment with your products?

We bring recycling closer to everybody. Through our thoughtfully designed recycling products, we want to emphasize how important the environmental concern is. Recycling is good for the planet only if properly practiced.

Designer recycling bins for offices
Since the world has limited resources there is only one path forward.
Malin Muskala CEO, Mizetto

Sweden is a world leader in sustainability. Do you think attitudes are shifting in the rest of the world?

Definitely. Since the world has limited resources there is only one path forward. Produce and develop products with recycled material or use a minimum of our valuable natural resources in a responsible way

What changes in the evolving workplace are you preparing for with your designs?

We believe there will be a change in offices and a trend toward smaller office space, more flexible areas and more adaptable meetings. As a consequence of this we already have a lot of products to meet this trend. For example, our flexible personal lockers that add values both on a design-level and functional level with integrated sitting areas, greenery, team lockers and so on. Likewise, we have introduced movable recycle bins to place where the need is. In two months we will also launch two new products to support the flexible office; office bag in 100% recycled material and a mobile standing table for fast and creative meetings.

Can you tell us about Hangout’ the new product you are launching?

Hangout offers exposure and enclosure in a clever combination. The glass panel on one end works for displaying sketches and ideas, but with a sound absorber also as a room divider. This light, mobile, versatile, standing table makes so much possible with one piece of furniture.

Hangout Mizetto

Bin There’ won an Archiproduct award for ground-breaking products. What was the inspiration for the design?

Bin There takes you by surprise with its 1930’s touch. Inspired by nature with colours sourced from the depths of the forest, and natural tanned leather that meets the hand. Bin There wants to be placed in the middle of your office and remind you that recycling is a must — take out your trash with style!

Why do you think Scandinavian design is so enduring?

In this I can only speak for myself, but I believe that it has to do with our geographic position on the globe and the weather and our climate. The majority of the year it is cold, dark and do not want to be outside weather” which is why we spend so much time in our home and that is why I believe many people want to have an as nice home-environment as possible. Scandinavians are very aware about design and spend a lot of time and money on their home. This in itself drives good design.

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Which designers are you inspired by?

I would say all designers. All design have a thought behind it and it is inspiring to find the thought. Both for good” design and bad” design. What on the other hand inspire us more for our own products is colour, material and the combination of the two.

Can you describe the brand in 3 words?

Playfulness, Multipurpose-use, Twist

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