Sustainable Furniture at our Clerkenwell Open Gallery

Champions of the circular economy, we strive to identify brands that align with our mission of preventing office furniture ending up in landfill and protecting scarce resources. Reducing their impact on the environment these brands design for longevity, use recycled and recyclable materials and minimise waste in the productions process.

As an independent workspace furniture consultancy, Bureau is free to work with the world’s best and most responsible furniture designers and manufacturers. At our pop-up furniture gallery at Clerkenwell Open, we showcased sustainable furniture solutions from forward-thinking, eco-friendly manufacturers, not currently represented in the area.

Find out how these brands are designing and producing environmentally sustainable furniture:-



Manufacturing at their plant in Sweden, Johanson have full control over the quality and sustainability of their contract furniture. At the design stage they consider how to extend a products life through refurbishment and the ease of reclaiming materials for recycling. Currently more than 90% of their furniture can be recycled efficiently. They’re certified according to ISO 14001, and their products are Nordic Ecolabelled, and meet the criteria for Möbelfakta.



Swedish manufacturer Garsnas have set themselves the target of 100% circular design by 2030. Designing products for a long life, their environmentally sustainable furniture can be repaired and refurbished. They prioritise natural, renewable materials and by-products such as wood, leather, and wool and their designs ensure that products can easily be disassembled and restored. Their goal is to provide everyone who chooses their furniture a plan for its continued maintenance and a buy back option to prevent furniture being sent to landfill.



Local manufacture supports greater control of process and environmental standards at Mitab. This Swedish heritage company focuses on maintaining the quality of its commercial furniture and minimising its impact on the environment. To ensure the highest standards are adhered to their products undergo independent assessment and certification, such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Möbelfakta


Dare Studio

Award winning British furniture company, Dare Studio, strives to create heirloom’ pieces that will last more than a lifetime. Produced by artisans using innovative techniques, they carefully select sustainable materials for each piece, including FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber. Environmental Product Declarations are available for all furniture, which provide the life-cycle impact of each product on the environment.

FDB Mobler1

FDB Mobler

Combining design and craftsmanship to produce furniture that will be passed from generation to generation is the mission of this Danish manufacturer. Committed to responsible furniture manufacture, they have set themselves the goal of ensuring all products will meet the Nordic Swan standard of environmental certification by 2025. All the wood they use for their furniture is FSC certified.



One of the first British furniture companies to have FSC certification, Benchmark have twice been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category. They provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for every product to show the low environmental impact of their beautifully crafted furniture.



Local’ and Long-term’ are the principles on which Swedish manufacturer, Horreds was founded. Designing furniture which will last and creating it in the small mill town for which the company is named, minimises their impact on the environment. Most of their sustainable office chairs, desks etc carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Möbelfakta label.



Belgian furniture manufacturer, Cruso, supports environmentally friendly production with local manufacture and sustainable materials. Rather than following trends they design furniture to stand the test of time. They utilise recycled or recyclable materials for both products and packaging and minimise CO2 emissions by keeping procurement and production local.

Turnberry Rugs Workspace

Turnberry Rug Works

Based in Scotland, Turnberry Rugs are made predominantly with wool, which is natural and renewable. Wool is inherently fireproof, requiring no harsh chemical treatments and it is biodegradable, returning nutrients to the soil as it breaks down. Skilled and labour intensive, rugs are hand-tufted which has minimal impact on the environment.

If you would like to find out more about sustainable procurement then contact to arrange a presentation for your office from our expert team.

Garsnas Dandy chair and FDB Mobler furniture