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Bromley Old Town Hall is a grade II listed building from 1907. Having been vacant for a decade it has been sensitively restored whilst retaining the outstanding original design features. The transformation has brought the building to life, providing flexible office space for local businesses, a restaurant and a hotel, opening early summer.

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The renovation included preservation of the wood panelling in the old courthouse and three large stained-glass windows in the former old council chambers. Underground cells from its time as a Magistrate’s court, were repurposed into an office and meeting room. A member’s lounge was created within the original council chamber.

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Furnishing a Historic Building

Bureau was tasked with sourcing furniture which would complement the period architecture but with a contemporary look and feel. Furniture was selected to respect the era, the scale, and the grandeur of the space.

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Consistent Branding

As with all Clockwise workspaces, Bromley has its own unique style which reflects the building and location it occupies. However, the branding is consistent in the provision of a high standard of hospitality-inspired, flexible workspaces with a focus on functionality, service, community, and connectivity.

Bromley Town Hall Main Room

Public Space Furniture

For the generously sized public spaces, furniture is grand and sumptuous. Velvet upholstered seating in gold and green sits perfectly with the architecture, picking out colours from the marble and the stained glass.

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Meeting Rooms

Stunning meeting rooms have been furnished to enhance the richness of the beautiful wood panelling with neutral tones and striking wood meeting tables.

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Furniture Installation

Significant work to make the building suitable for occupancy, brought up some challenges with installation. As with many historic buildings additional areas of attention were uncovered as work progressed. Flexibility was required with the timeline for unanticipated schedule changes due to ongoing works.

Completion of the flexible office space benefits the local area with the restoration of an iconic building and provides a fantastic facility for the business community of Bromley

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