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Bringing their entrepreneurial hub to the midlands, x+why opened their latest space, Foundry’ in Birmingham. A vibrant mix of social, collaboration and meeting spaces, it’s an enviable workspace for purpose-led start-ups and small business.

Workspace planters and bar stools
It is always fantastic to work with Bureau, who manage to source beautiful, sustainable furniture, in-keeping with our brand and the features of the building. At Foundry, we particularly appreciated the dedication to sourcing refurbished and classic pre-loved furniture — all of which positively contributed towards our application for the coveted SKA gold rating for sustainable design.
Phil Nevin Co-founder and CCO of x+why

Situated around a central atrium and covering three floors, wellness and inclusivity are central to the interior design by John Robertson Architects.

X+Why Foundry X+Why Foundry X+Why Foundry X+Why Foundry X+Why Foundry

Return to Nature

Planting infuses the space with life and complements the earthy tones and natural materials. The return to nature’ design is unique to the Foundry yet reinforces the x+why branding, recognisable throughout their spaces.

Boss Design Paloma Armchair

Sensory Spaces

Sensory zones have been created to provide variety and a choice of spaces for high or low stimulation. From open plan social spaces, and more traditional desking, to quiet pods, private tech-free spaces, and a multitude of meeting rooms.

Refurbished second hand office furniture

Sustainable Furniture Procurement

Working toward the coveted SKA gold rating for sustainable design, x+why aim to reduce their environmental impact with their fit outs. Careful consideration was given to furniture procured to align with their goals and a significant amount of refurbished furniture was obtained from the second-hand market.

Reconditioned G64 Giroflex second hand task chairs

Refurbished Task Chairs

Over 500 Giroflex G64 task chairs were reconditioned and repaired for use in the space. With user manuals no longer available, our ergonomic division, Bureaunomics were enlisted to create a custom user video. Simplifying workstation set-up, every user can easily access information even if only hot desking for the day.

Foundry Birmingham Breakout Space

Classic Pre-loved Furniture

Refurbished, second hand solutions were also procured for public areas including the Mission Room. The much-coveted Knoll Wassily lounge chairs in the social space add a touch of eye-catching classic design.

Birmingham Foundry Flexible workspace table

Sourcing for Quick Turnaround

Up against a tight deadline for launch, a quick turnaround was crucial to the success of this project. Solutions were procured on the additional and important criteria of short lead times to avoid delay.

Hay About a Lounge 83 soft beige

Photography Matt Livey

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